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From the Principal

A Message From Principal Kimberly Gregory

Growing up in a big family, I quickly learned the importance of hard work and independence; and as the daughter of a teacher, I was also taught that education should always be a priority. I am a proud product of JCPS Schools, and I graduated magna cum laude from the University in Kentucky, and consider myself to be the ultimate fan of the Big Blue! My career began as a teacher in Lexington, where I also began working towards completion of my Master's Degree at Eastern Kentucky University on weeknights and during the summer. I returned to my hometown of Louisville in the fall of 1998, and landed back at the same school where I had sat as a middle school student myself, as an administrator at Lassiter Middle. While there, I completed my Rank I in Educational Administration from the University of Louisville. While at Lassiter, I served as a Dean, a counselor, and an Assistant Principal, and later as an Assistant Principal at Noe Middle. In 2007, I was fortunate enough to become a principal intern, serving both at Thomas Jefferson and Noe Middle Schools. In September of 2008, I was lucky enough to be selected to be the principal of Thomas Jefferson Middle and an official PATRIOT!! The thing I absolutely love the most about Thomas Jefferson is the family and community atmosphere where students are the number one priority. My mission at Thomas Jefferson is to work as hard as I can to support our teachers, parents, and community as we strive to provide the best middle school experience ever for our students. I take the responsibility of educating our students seriously and believe that it takes a team effort!

I thank you for choosing Thomas Jefferson as a place to educate your child. The teachers, staff, and administration are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, caring environment where your child will not only learn and grow, but will thrive. I encourage you to stay involved in your child's educational progress by talking about school with your kiddo every day. I also encourage all the students to get involved in any of the numerous activities provided at the school. These programs help them stay connected to the school and to other students in positive ways. These activities not only develop students' interpersonal skills ... they are also fun!!

We welcome you and your child to the Thomas Jefferson Family .... And best wishes to you and your family for a successful school year!!!

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Daily Buzzword

satellite - Read Full Article

The Buzzword of the Day for 04/18/2014 is:

satellite (noun)


What does it mean?

1 : a follower resembling a slave
2 a : a heavenly body orbiting another of larger size b : a man-made vehicle intended to orbit a heavenly body (as the earth or the moon)

How do you use it?

The four large moons of the planet Jupiter were discovered by the Italian astronomer Galileo and are known as the Galilean satellites.

Are you a word wiz?

When do you think English speakers began using the word "satellite" to name a moon or other body that orbits a planet?

A. In the 1400s, when Leonardo de Vinci became interested in astronomy.
B. In the 1500s, when Galileo was beginning his study of the solar system.
C. In the 1800s, when astronomers were searching for the outermost planets.
D. In the 1900s, when humans launched the first artificial satellites.
Check your answer on Word Central.

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