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The Rockets teachers are looking forward to a fabulous year this year! We are looking forward to field trips, incentives, and a whole bunch of fun things! All this while learning about Math, Math Intervention, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

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Daily Schedule!

Enrichment: 7:40-8:30

DGL: 8:35-9:25

A Block: 9:30-10:35 (RR Break)

B Block: 10:40-10:55

Lunch: 10:55-11:15

B Block: 11:15-12:10 (RR Break)

C Block: 12:15-1:15

D Block: 1:20-2:20 (RR Break)

Compass Learning

Students should know their username/password, they use it multiple times a week in their Math Intervention class.

If you need help email:

UPcoming Events

Incentive: 10-7: No referrals for 1st 6 weeks dance

10-11: Hallway behavior Incentive Gym in the afternoon...

More to come!


Ms. Pugh: Language Arts (Team Lead)

Ms. Coffey: Language Arts

Ms. Adamo: Math (Core)

Ms. Strohmier: Math (Core)

Ms. Mall: Social Studies

Mr. J (Wiese): Math Intervention

Field Trips

Stay tuned for upcoming Field Trip Information!



Be Respectful of yourself, all individuals, objects and property in the building.

Be Responsible by following school rules, remaining in dress code and trying your best at all times.

Be Ready to learn by coming to class prepared with all your materials and on time.

Class Rules

  • I will raise my hand and wait for permission to leave my seat
  • I will raise my hand and silently wait to speak
  • I will not eat, drink, or chew gum without permission
  • I will follow all 6th grade academy and teacher expetations
  • I will stay focused on "Keeping it R.E.A.L."

Rockets Academic Expectations

  • Students will attempt to answer all questions. No blank answers or text lingo (IDK) accepted.
  • Students will use complete sentences in every class.
  • Students will label their papers the same in each class.
  • Students will complete homework
  • Students will ask for make-up work of absent from class.

Ms. Pugh Syllabus

Ms. Adamo Syllabus

Mr. J (Wiese) Syllabus

Ms. Mall Syllabus

Ms. Coffey Syllabus

Ms. Strohmier Syllabus

Thomas Jefferson Middle School 2016-17

6th Grade Mathematics Syllabus

Ms. Strohmier

Rockets Team

Phone: 502-485-8273



  • Cycle 1: Factors, Multiples, operations with multi-digit numbers, rational numbers
  • Cycle 2: Ratio and ratio language, ratio reasoning for tables, tape diagrams, and double number lines
  • Cycle 3: Read, write, evaluate expressions, equivalent expressions, solving equations
  • Cycle 4: Area of triangles and quadrilaterals, volume of a rectangular prism, measures of center, data sets

Student Supply Needs:

  • Pencil, every day
  • Folder for homework/assignments
  • 1-subject notebook to be kept in classroom

Materials and Texts Used:

  • Compass Learning
  • Go Math
  • Various internet resources


Methods of Instruction: A variety of strategies and best practices will be used in order to ensure that the learning styles and needs of all students will be met. These will include:  hands-on approach, discovery investigation and learning, cooperative study teams, formative and summative assessments, direct instruction, guided practice, individual problem solving, use of manipulatives, technology integration, writing tasks, note taking, homework, and projects.

Major Course Requirements: Homework will be assigned every Monday and posted in the classroom. Students are expected to study vocabulary, class work, and returned homework. Students will be assessed through investigations, group work, tests, formative assessments, projects/presentations, extended and constructed responses, and district assessments.  Rubrics, guidelines, expectations, and extra support will be provided.


Late/Missing work: I will accept work up until the end of the 6 week grading period. Any work not turned in would receive a zero. Any late work that is unexcused will be accepted and graded according to the scale discussed above, but will receive a 10% deduction.

Parent/Community Support for Learning: A great way to get information in live time is parent portal (infinite campus). Parent/Guardians are strongly encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences. This gives us a chance to meet and discuss your child’s needs for success in this class. As a parent, you know your child best, and any information or suggestions that you can provide for making this a warm, safe, and effective learning environment for your child are always welcome. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. The best way to contact me is through e-mail, I check it frequently every day, including week-ends.  To reach me by phone the best times to contact me are: 8:35-9:25 Monday-Thursday; 8:25-9:05 Friday or Wednesday-Friday after 2:25pm. I look forward to meeting you!


Grading System:


Group work

Positively contributing by fulfilling group role




Actively Participating during class discussions and individual work



Given a rubric, students will reflect on standards and progress.



Given at the beginning of the week, due on Fridays of each week



Problem Solving

Persevering through a difficult problem


Class Assignments

Compass Learning, assigned in class work




End of the week learning check for the objectives covered in that week.



Assignment with rubric that covers multiple objectives to demonstrate knowledge


Grading Scale:



Outstanding Performance



Above-Average Performance



Average Performance



Below-Average Performance

Below 60


Unsatisfactory Performance


Classroom Procedures/Rules: Students are expected to follow the team and school rules. In addition, students should come to class focused and with a pencil, folder, and homework.  Participation is expected in cooperative groups, whole class work and individual work.  Students are expected to be respectful and responsible at all times, in all classrooms.

Upcoming School Events

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