Welcome to the Wolverines! We are so excited for your 7th grade year! Looking forward to great things. Your team leader is Ms. Hastings and she will be teaching Math and Science. Your team teachers include, Mr. Welp for Language Arts and Science, Ms. Keith for ESL and Social Studies,  and Ms. Kamerman for Intervention and Social Studies!

Team Rules and Expections

Instructional Units of Study!

Science- Diversity of Life, Including cell as the building block of life!


Language Arts-

Social Studies- Ancient Civilizations

Syllabi for Content

Field Trip Information

School Supply List

6–8 List

  • 1 pack loose‐leaf paper
  • 1 box colored pencils or markers (designated by school)*
  • 7 notebooks (type [e.g., composition, spiral, steno] and color designated by school)*
  • 7 two‐pocket folders (color designated by school)*
  • 24 pens/pencils (color designated by school)*

*Schools may determine the designated items above but may not request specific brands for any item.

Schools may subtract an item from the list based on assessed needs. Items may be substituted if they are already included on the list. For example, a classroom teacher may prefer for first-grade students to bring 2 glue sticks and 2 boxes of crayons rather than 3 glue sticks and 1 box of crayons. Please remember that items may not be added to the list.

Families will only be asked to provide these fundamental items at the beginning of the school year. Teachers should submit any needed items that are not on the list to the principal for purchase.

Calendar of Events

Daily Schedule

7:40-8:30 Core 1

8: 35-9:25 Enrichment

9:30-10:35 Core 2

10:40-11:10 Core 3

11:15-11:35 Lunch

11:40-12:30 DGL

12:35-1:05 Core 3

1:10-2:20 Science/Social Studies

Compass Learning